What is Scratch Unplugged?


By playing Scratch Unplugged, students familiarize themselves with the basic knowledge and skills of programming. They learn, among other things, the use of sequencing, repetition and selection.


Students work together to reach the game’s final goal. They not only learn how to program, but also how to collaborate and interact with each other.

Unplugged activity

This ready-to-use game allows students to discover the wonderful world of programming.

For whom?


No previous experience with programming? No problem! Together with your students, you discover the basics of programming and experience the utility and fun of it yourself. The manual provides enough information to get started with Scratch Unplugged.


The game has been developed for all students 6 to 12 years old. No prior knowledge is required at all. Thanks to this game, students already discover the basics of programming.

Instruction manual

The manual for teachers allows you to get a grasp on the game’s set-up and how it is played. Click the button below to download the manual.

Building blocks

Code has been translated to building blocks based on the desktop version of Scratch. The building blocks can be downloaded below. Just cut out these blocks from the printed out pieces of paper, and you’ll be ready to go.

Playing field

The game is played on a board consisting of all kinds of different objects such as a wall and bombs. Download the various objects below to start building your own board.


The entire game has been fit on a compact A3 poster. You can find all the basic rules and regulations on this poster. Display it in the class room, and your students will be able to get on with the game. Additionally, it’s a great memorizing tool for teachers.


Code, teach, inspire!

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